Perform A Free License Plate Look Up



There are many reasons why you might want to find a free license plate lookup.  You may be wondering if someone who has been following your around lately is someone you may know, a long lost crush or a long lost family member.  Or you could feel threatened and want to get to the bottom of who it is.  On the other hand, it may be even a case of someone who hit your car and then ran before the police got involved and you have decided to take matters into your own hands.  For whatever reason, it will probably disappoint you to learn that there is really not a free license plate lookup service online that is legitimate.

This may puzzle you at first, since nearly everything in the world is online.  True, you can look up somebody by just their phone number and receive a name and an address, but this is considered public information and the Yellow Pages is a directory that is published every year for this.  Therefore, it is no surprise that you find these services online.  However, license plate numbers are not a matter of public knowledge and there is no resource that has access to this information outside of the motor bureau and the police department.

This is why you know that anybody who offers you a website to get a free license plate lookup online is attempting to scam you.  They simply have their own motives in mind and are probably betting on the fact that you do not realize that a free license plate lookup is impossible, so they can lure you in.  Most of the time, the websites that advertise a free license plate lookup are either after your computer or your wallet.

Once you click on a website that tells you that you can get a free license plate lookup, you probably have started a spyware infection that can end up debilitating your computer.  If you are lucky to avoid this thanks to your anti-virus protection, you may instead find the site actually charges a small processing charge.  This fee is usually kept small so you will think it is reasonable to give the free license plate lookup service a shot.  Unfortunately, you are not just giving a free license plate lookup service a shot, you are also giving them your banking information, and you know where it is going to progress to from here.

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